5 Ways Hotels & Resorts Use CrowdRiff to Inspire Direct Bookings

July 18, 2016 CrowdRiff


Today’s traveler is a visual decision-maker. Someone who is considering a stay at your hotel or resort is going to first browse through all the pictures they can find of rooms, the building, and facilities.

That’s why top hotels and resorts use CrowdRiff, to find and deliver top performing visuals to turn any investigating traveler into a guest.

Here are 5 ways hotels and resorts use CrowdRiff to drive bookings.

1 | Giving visitors an authentic look into your hotel through beautiful website galleries of visitor photos

One of the reasons why TripAdvisor is so popular is because not only can you see picture-perfect images of a hotel, but also traveler photos – the unbiased, unfiltered, and unstaged pictures that other guests post.

CrowdRiff allows you to incorporate these visuals straight on your website, and keep them updated easily. That way, your web visitors will see not only the beautiful photos you feature, but also the photos and videos that other travelers like them have shared on social media.

Take Pebble Beach Resorts’ homepage, for example.

Pebble Beach Homepage

Using CrowdRiff, they regularly add new photos to the gallery in this section, as their visitors share more images. Because updating a gallery takes only a matter of seconds, Pebble Beach Resorts is always able to show up-to-date visitor photos that show the most current state of their resort.

Did you know? CrowdRiff’s Smart Galleries self-optimize to show your most engaging photos first.

2 | Connect inspiration with action by adding CTAs to visuals

Today’s travelers are visual decision-makers. Visuals influence our decisions on where to go, where to stay, and what to buy. And the beautiful imagery you feature on your website is meant to drive that I want to stay there feeling.

To create more opportunities to drive action, CrowdRiff allows you to link any image in a gallery with a clickable caption, so that a visitor captivated about a certain image can go directly to the booking page. See what Cabot Links does here:

Cabot Links homepage

You can also track the number of clicks each CTA gets, so that you can easily see which images are converting best.

3 | Curate custom, themed galleries that cater to different interests

People who come to your website are looking for more information on the type of stay you can offer them. They may be digging deeper into what your guest suites look like, or what dining experiences guests typically enjoy.

CrowdRiff makes it easy to curate website galleries with specific themes that work with the different pages of your website.

Many people choose to have their weddings at St. Eugene Golf Resorts, because of its beautiful environment and charm. So on the “weddings” sections of their website, they’ve curated a wedding-themed CrowdRiff gallery as a header:

St. Eugene Weddings

The gallery of wedding photography gives people a glimpse of how others have held their own celebrations. This imagery from real couples completes the story they’re telling, that St. Eugene is a great place to host your wedding.

They also feature custom galleries for their golf, dining, and hotel pages.

4 | Get rights to use visitor photos in ads, social media, print and more

User-generated content is a very influential form of content – in fact 85% of consumers find visual UGC more influential than branded photos or videos.

So why not incorporate it throughout your marketing channels?

In addition to bringing your website to life with galleries, hotels and resorts can use CrowdRiff to easily get rights to social imagery, which you can then use across your marketing materials.

In early 2018, Tradewinds Resorts used CrowdRiff to get rights to some of the best guest photos that were shared on social media. With that authentic content, they created a custom brochure made entirely out of user-generated content.

Tradewinds Resorts print mailer
tradewinds resorts mailer

You can see that the focus of this brochure is visual content – specifically user-generated content from past guests. While traditional print mailers sometimes get passed off as advertisements, these guest photos add an extra element of personality and set it apart from other mail.

You can see that the focus of this brochure is visual content – specifically user-generated content from past guests. While traditional print mailers sometimes get passed off as advertisements, these guest photos add an extra element of personality and set it apart from other mail.

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5 | Give in-the-moment inspiration to visitors with live displays of guest photos

Even after a guest has arrived, there’s still opportunity to share more of how they can make the most of their stay.

For example, Blue Mountain Resort uses digital displays all over their resort that run slideshows of visitor photos, powered by CrowdRiff. Whether a someone is browsing the Blue Mountain website or walking through the resort itself, they can always discover more to do there.

Hear it from Julie and Dan yourself!

With these in-person displays, you can show pictures of activities that other visitors have enjoyed, that may inspire a guest to purchase that extra champagne add-on, or book a pampering session at your spa.

See how CrowdRiff can help your hotel or resort inspire more guests to book

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